Colour psychology is a fascinating and widely researched area within the fashion and digital design world. In a nutshell, it relates to the way that colours affect all aspects of human behaviour, including our mood and actions.

They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.
Carl W. Buehner

This same philosophy relates to colour psychology. Take a minute to think about how specific colours make you feel. Blue might make you feel calm or red might make you feel anxious. 

How do large Corporations use Colour Psychology

When you know about it, it can be clear to see how corporations have tapped into this. Take, for example, the primary colours yellow, red and blue that is used in a children’s soft play area or within fast-food chains. Such colours can make you feel overstimulated and overexcited. These are precisely the feelings that these corporations want to instil in you. Their goal is that you keep on coming back for that experience. 

No79 Design uses their knowledge on colour psychology to work alongside our clients to incorporate the perfect colour schemes for their branding.  It sounds like science because it is. The colours we use in our branding for clients will evoke emotions and convey messages that we ensure are positive and long-lasting.

Take, for example, a logo No79 recently designed for a local Northern Irish beautician. When selecting the main colour profile for the brand, we made the choice to use green as it has connotations of health and freshness.

Is Colour Psychology Important

What about Colour Psychology in your Branding?

What is the primary colour you use in your logo or branding? What do you want it to say about you?