In a previous article, we discussed how Shopify had announced that they are now seeing Black Friday volumes of traffic EVERY DAY. It’s been fantastic for us to see this eCommerce growth up close in our local client’s stores.

Bricks and Mortar First

In this example, we’re looking at two of our clients who are local, independent retailers. Both have had an eCommerce presence built with No79, but are primarily traditional Bricks-and-Mortar businesses.

Due to Government guidelines around COVID-19, both of these businesses have had to close their stores indefinitely. Facing the very real fear that their sales would trail off without their primary source of customer interaction.

Enter eCommerce Growth

Looking at the graph of website sales (below), you can see that until March, their eCommerce presence had taken a back seat. Sales remain steady, but without any real growth.

Once we reach April(the first full month of lockdown in the UK), following the closure of their retail shops, we see how both businesses have seen exceptional growth in their online stores.

Graph showing sharp rise in eCommerce growth with no79

Both stores see very different volumes of sales and traffic, but both have seen significant spikes in revenue.

Sustaining eCommerce Growth

In these examples, there is a crucial factor to the eCommerce growth – the COVID-19 lockdown. However, that won’t last forever and likely won’t be enough to sustain this growth in the long term.

Businesses, and the people driving their eCommerce presence, have several factors to consider for pushing their sales and brand to the next level:

New Customer Acquisition 

How will you continue to find new customers for your online platform?

Customer Retention

How will you keep your customers coming back to your website?

Website Functionality 

How does the website itself help you acquire and retain customers?

No79 Are Here To Help

Fortunately, there are many ways to sustain & promote growth for your eCommerce store and your brand as a whole.

We offer support for creating, updating or redesigning your online presence and brand through our Graphic & Web Design services and a range of Digital Marketing support in the form of Social Media Marketing, SEO & PPC Marketing.

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