When we sense there is something important happening we will aim to bring you the latest this week in eCommerce. This week we’re looking at how sales are impacted during the Coronavirus.

During these uncertain times, many businesses have been considering online strategy, either just by increasing their online presence in general, or by launching an eCommerce solution to run alongside their Bricks and Mortar stores.

Is it time to move to eCommerce?

We would encourage businesses more than ever to start selling online. This quote and figures from Shopify’s Chief Technical Officer, Jean-Michel Lemieux helps explain why;

Worldwide the Shopify Platform is reaching near Black Friday/Cyber Monday levels of Traffic, nearly double the average daily traffic levels.

eCommerce is not slowing down

Based on the rate of growth, Jean-Michel is expecting traffic to reach double daily levels, surpassing Black Friday levels.

If this tells us one thing, it’s that eCommerce is not slowing down, but growing at an exceptional rate.

This week in ecommerce someone gets ready to buy

How we can help

In the past few weeks, No79 has launched a number of eCommerce websites for our clients, offering delivery, local delivery and in-store collection options, perfect for those wanting to focus on customer around them.

Get in touch today to start your eCommerce journey.