Uniqueness. It is no secret that logo designs for certain businesses can look similar to their competitors. This is not intentional. It can happen as brands are forced to apply similar recognition elements within their logos as they provide similar services as their competitors. Animated logos provide a solution to this as they promote creativity. They are unique.  

First impressions DO count.

Research shows that an audience’s engagement with an animated logo is pretty much instantaneous. Static logos in comparison can take several hundred views (or millions) before customers make a permanent connection with your brand.  Animated logos surprise the audience. The more quirky and original the logo the more positive vibes will be associated with your brand. This can only be an effective marketing strategy as it increases brand awareness. 

Animations for Social Media and Facebook Paid Ads 

We, as humans are inclined to pay attention to eye-catching visuals.  In a cluttered cyber world if your business is to thrive content on social media has to stand out from competitors. It is predicted that animation and video will soon make up 80% of content on all digital platforms including websites and social media platforms. We get this at No79 and have intentionally shifted our social media and Instagram content to include videos of our web work and cool, quirky animations. Our No79 animated logo on our main web page is also pretty eye-catching.

It clearly makes sense to use engaging animations within your Facebook or social media content. Facebook continues to rank as the number one social media site for driving conversions [1] meaning that using paid Facebook Paid Ads or Google Ads alongside engaging animations is a pretty effective marketing tool. Animations will break through the white noise caused by lengthy video adverts and as they are not a well-known marketing tool (yet!) and as they are generally fun they are less intimidating for consumers.

So…. To get your business ahead of the curve in 2020 you can talk to us today about creating quirky and engaging animations. We are a new and leading digital agency in Northern Ireland. Our expertise in digital marketing will strategize with you to ensure that your animation marketing targets your consumer audience. 

1) 11 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions – https://blog.hootsuite.com/improve-facebook-ad-conversions/