Shopify is a one-stop for all business sales needs. It offers an E-commerce solution as well as a point of sale. Their basic package offers E-commerce, POS, Unlimited Product Listing, SSL and Abandoned Cart Functionality as well as Fraud Analysis.

All this functionality makes it a fantastic platform for any business looking to sell their products online. It is the main reason that No79 Design is a Shopify partner. 

Pete, Director of No79 Design and Thongs Flip Flops has been using Shopify to sell products internationally since 2014. As Pete has this unique experience of using the Shopify platform both as a merchant and as a web designer he can easily relate to his clients. 

“Shopify is by far the easiest piece of software for our clients to use when selling their products online. The reporting in the backend is fantastic. The management systems for both product and ordering is super simple.   I would 100% recommend this piece of software to any business looking to get online via e-commerce.”

Pete, Director at No79 Design

John, No79’s Social Media Manager also has over 7 years of experience helping E-Commerce brands grow their online retail presence. John spent over 2 years working directly with the platform as a member of an internal e-commerce team driving sales through both social media and email marketing.

“Shopify gave us a platform to launch a new E-Commerce brand relatively quickly. We were working to a tight deadline and had explored other options internally, but they couldn’t handle the volume of products, around 2,000, we needed to have on the website at launch.”

John, Social Media Manager at No79 Design

If you have a product you would like to retail online and don’t know where to start, talk to the team today. 

Even if Shopify is right for your business, we will find the right solution