If you look at our browser you will see our domain name is .design rather than .com.  Without going into too much detail, Top Level Domains (TLDs) are not a new phenomenon and include .pizza or .hotel.  The .design domain debuted in 2015 and hundreds of new domain extensions were released at this time for internet users to buy. Without going any further learning about gTLDs is pretty hefty reading not designed for this blog post! 

Who else uses .design? 

The .design domain is not specific to web designers. It can be a powerful domain name for interior designers, architects or fashion designers.  It is one of the only extensions that has received significant traction with Airbnb, Adobe and Facebook all having a .design website. These big companies all use this domain to supplement their .com website to showcase their leadership presence within the creative design industry. 

Facebook.design is just getting started. Like most things at Facebook, it will be iterated on frequently. But we hope this becomes a place where designers can find great resources to grow as a designer and develop in their career. Ultimately, we hope we can help push our discipline forward.” 

Jeff Smith, Product Design Manager at Facebook

There seems to be universal recognition that a .design domain improves industry engagement. It is beneficial for recruitment, branding and is an easy marketing strategy. At No79, creative and innovative design is the ethos of everything we do and therefore it makes sense for us to market our services via a  .design domain. Although we provide many digital services including PPC, SEO and digital marketing our domain name pays homage to our founding web design service.

Should you have a new gTLD name that displays your service?

Moving to a new gTLD that showcases your specific business services or products can be a daunting process.  Trust is an issue with some questioning whether a domain name such as .pizza is as legit in comparison to a .com or .uk?

The slow growth of new gTLDs since the launch in 2015 may add substance to this worry. However with recent trends showing that new gTLDs are on the rise alongside the potential saturation of .com and .co.uk highlight that businesses need to move on with digital trends. This coupled with the need for individuality throughout your branding to stand out from your competitors makes a domain name specific to your business pretty beneficial. 

The right domain name can make a real impact on your company’s identity. It can add context to your service which will easily target your potential customer audience. Used right it is an easy and cost-effective marketing strategy.

Driftaway Coffee and the .coffee domain

Unsure of what domain name to use? There is now a vast range of domain names available. Take .coffee for instance, Driftaway Coffee blogged about the positive impact that the .coffee domain had on their business. They are experts on coffee with a speciality to roasting and the .coffee domain was an effective tool to showcase their speciality.    Who knows where domain names will end up. On a bigger level, it is predicted that brands like NIKE and L’OREAL will use their own branded domains .nike and .loreal!

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