Honesty is the best policy in relation to gaining true engagement on social media and at No79 we advise you should not buy Likes.  Here, we hypothesis the thought process for deciding to buy likes for social media platforms could go a bit like this: 

Competition on Instagram is high with 100 million pieces of content per day. Buying likes is a painless option to increase my following and it will make my business or brand appear successful. Appearing successful will be good as I will look reputable and sell more products or services.  It is also easy to buy likes and even vending machines in Russia are selling likes for Instagram. It could only be a good idea.

The breakdown of why should not buy likes

In reality, it is not a good idea and is an ineffective marketing strategy in the long term. Here are the main reasons as to why buying fake likes will harm your brand (This is not an exhaustive list): 

  1. Fake likes are easy to spot. The majority of social media users are savvy at spotting fake likes.
  2. Attempting to ‘fool’ other humans into believing that likes are genuine creates distrust and will reduce your brand’s credibility.
  3. Fake followers mean fake engagement. On average, a post on social media is seen by approximately 2 – 10% of your followers. If your followers are fake you are going to be engaging LESS of your real followers and actually those more likely to buy into your brand or product.
  4. Instagram is getting smarter and has already begun disabling millions of fake accounts. In time Instagram will get quicker at this as they want their platform to remain an authentic place for connections.

We are not saying that Likes don’t matter. There is no doubt that Likes are critical to a successful marketing strategy on Instagram and Facebook. Take for example if you have a coffee shop. If your coffee picture gets a load more Likes than your competitor then your picture will have a better chance of competing with other top posts competing in the Algorithm. A super successful post may even appear on the explore page of Instagram.

Organic beats Bought

In a nutshell, these likes have to be organic. At No79 we have the tools to increase your social media engagement the real way. Through rapport building, we will increase our understanding of your consumer base and your individual goals.

We analyse at each point and at each click how your consumers move through your various platforms including social media and your website. We will find the information on what leads to visitors making a sale or not.

Through this detailed analysis, we ensure that we find the right digital marketing strategy for your business whether it’s Facebook Paid Ads, SEO,  PPC or Content Creation / Strategy or utilising a combination of all.  The goal is to convert visitors to all your platforms to either become consumer leads or if you run an eCommerce business to increase sales. We provide you with detailed reports on all conversions ? of adverts to ensure sustainable return on investment. 

Need some help?

Trust us and talk to our experts today at No79 for a real digital marketing strategy tailored to your business needs.