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We are experts in eCommerce. We have been building websites on Magento and Shopify eCommerce platforms for nearly 10 years. Our web design team are skilled with BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Our expertise is reflected in our customer retention rate. We have clients returning to us to deliver E-Commerce solutions that reflect their growth.

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At No79 we recognise that all clients requirements are different and provide eCommerce solutions to complement your business needs.   We have custom-built eCommerce extensions to ensure unique features.  This includes multi-currency and detailed filter options for ease of use for your consumers. 

Our eCommerce services extend further than building a once of eCommerce platform. We work as an integrated web and digital team in No79. Our goal is to ensure that your website is targeting the leads most likely to purchase on your online store. We collaborate with the web design and web development team to fully optimise your website for a variety of marketing solutions including search engine optimisation and paid advertising solutions.


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As with everything we do we consult with you first. Cost-efficiency is the first factor we consider when approaching any eCommerce brief. We work with you to decide the content management platform that both suits your business needs and affordability.

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Add-ons & Applications

Where a project requires something unique we develop existing Add-Ons and Applications. If your store is a Shopify store we can produce provide aps for any custom requirement that you store may need.

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Ease of Use

Any eCommerce project we approach takes into consideration the ease of use for the client. Where a technical solution is required, we develop a time, cost and effort saving system. The easier your e-commerce site is for your customer to navigate the more leads and sales your business will create. No79 are experts in web development to ensure fast and responsive eCommerce sites.

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Site Speed

Page Load Speed is crucial in eCommerce, not just for customer retention. When considering Organic and Paid Advertising, Page Load Speed affects Quality Score.

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Using our range of skills we can help you grow your business through a variety of channels. Do not put your vision off for another day. Get in touch and we will make your idea reality.

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