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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an element of No79’s Digital Marketing Service. In comparison to SEO which targets organic traffic to visit your website, PPC buys traffic. SEO is a lengthy process while PPC is an instantaneous way to pull traffic to your website. In essence, PPC is placing ads for your business on SERPs like Google.

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At No79 we ensure that we build and optimise successful PPC campaigns meaning that the cost per click becomes reduced over time. Google will charge your business when a potential customer clicks on your advert and goes onto your website. We only run campaigns for businesses that turn clicks into conversions. This makes each paid click to your website worth more than the ad that you paid for.

We do PPC through meticulous strategising. We use tools to find out the exact terms and keywords that your customers will use to search on google to buy your services. Your ads will then appear on google search pages when these terms or keywords are made by customers. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) like Google are increasingly becoming more intelligent. We know that Google’s Algorithm rewards good keyword selection with cheaper cost-per-click if the keywords themselves are relevant. At No79 as we have the expertise to ensure that your PPC is done right and cost-effectively.

As with every digital service we provide we evaluate. We measure ROI by analysing the expenditure of your PPC campaign vs conversion rate.  We adapt PPC campaigns regularly to ensure a successful and profitable campaign.

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PPC Plan

We will take the individual needs of your business and strategise with you. We find out who your customer base is and the keywords or phrases that your potential customer will be using to search your products.

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Display Advertising

As experienced content creators, we will create banners and videos for your Display Advertising and Landing Pages. We target your potential customers using these images and videos as part of your Display Advertising PPC Campaigns.

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Local PPC Campaigns

Using a combination of interest and location-based targeting we will deliver local traffic to your site for local customers searching for your product or service.

Google Advertising

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Google is the king when it comes to Search, owning two of the top Search Engines on the planet, Google and YouTube. Using Google Ads as your main choice of PPC, your ads can be placed in front of customers across Google, YouTube and Google Display Partners.

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Using our range of skills we can help you grow your business through a variety of channels. Don’t put your vision off for another day, get in touch and we’ll make that idea a reality!

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