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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting your website noticed on Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS). In 2020 it is not enough to have a website online without a search engine marketing strategy. To increase consumer leads your website has to be easily found on Google. Reaching the top of a search engine organically takes effort.

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We take a systematic approach to SEO. We audit your current website to highlight areas where SEO is compromised. We have specialist tools available to analyse the search terms that your customer will be using to look for the services that you provide. This is called search intent. By having this knowledge we ensure that you create content for your website that will organically pull in more traffic. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are becoming more and more analytical and to influence your rankings on Google content has to be relevant. No79 provides copywriting and editing services to ensure that content is of high quality and ranks well on Google. What is more important is that this will ensure that the traffic targeted will be your exact consumer base or lead.

SEO is, unfortunately, more complicated than inserting keywords and phrases into the written content on your website. Without going into too much detail, optimising single parts of a page or websites with keywords is not enough. The way that websites are developed and built and how they relate to each other alongside easy navigation of the site are now basic SEO practices.

As with all aspects of our services in No79, we ensure transparency. For your peace of mind, we use evaluation tools and reports to ensure that our work is measured. SEO is an ongoing process and will involve ongoing maintenance and adaptations.

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As with all services we provide we undertake a methodological process beginning with a site audit. We will audit all aspects of your current website to see at what points SEO can be improved. We use tools to check the health of your site. We prioritise SEO issues and decide what to fix first.

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Keyword Analysis

Also called search intent we use tools to analyse the search terms that your customer will be using to look for the services that you provide. By understanding what your potential customers type into search engines we can better customise your content and landing pages to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates.

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No79 provides professional copywriting services for the content on your website. This ensures that your written content on your website is relevant and will include keywords that are going to get you noticed on Google. This will help your business rank higher on search engines.

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We always evaluate. We will track the SEO process through measurement tools and adapt and change the process as required. We work closely with our clients to ensure an effective Return on Investment.

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