Pete at No79 Design
Peter Stewart – MD No79 Design

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak is gripping the nation for so many reasons. At No79 we express our absolute sympathies to those affected and to those who have experienced ill health.  In No79 we recognise that we are a digital based company and have been working innovatively for the past few years in relation to flexible working. We are experienced at working remotely. We have the digital systems in place including Slack, Zoom and Skype among others to ensure that we work collaboratively as a team and are easily accessible to our clients at all times. We want to reassure our current clients and perspective clients that our digital services will continue to be provided.   Our goal will be to move to 100% remote working in accordance to the government guidelines during the pandemic. Our aim is to ensure that our health, our families and the health of our society is protected. 

On another note, for those companies that have not placed any significant focus on digital innovation the current pandemic may be the wake up call they need to go digital. Our wonderful NHS and health professionals (my wife is an NHS worker and nurse) are already prioritising video calls.  This will enable patients to quickly respond to their patients and reduce unnecessary contact and virus spread. I hypothesis that digital innovation and trends will continue to adapt and improve to meet the needs of the consumer.

Research has already shown that consumerism has changed significantly in a short space of time since the outbreak in China. Although overall brick and mortor sales have decreased, it is clear that there has been a significant increase in e-commerce sales with general goods being purchased online.  What is more interesting and entirely open to debate is whether this e-commerce trend will remain post Covid-19.  

Anyway, my lasting thought is to wish you health and safety at this time for you, your families, friends and loved ones. 

Peter Stewart